New Year, New Look

Happy 2018! We are already excited for the new things to come this year. In the spirit of the new year, we have provided a fresh look for the website. We hope this will make it easier to navigate to content. Keeping that in mind, let us know what you think!

To see all of our content, simply go to https://cafeconleite.org/ or click the “Cafe con Leite” banner/featured image.

We will also be adding to the What We’re Reading and What We’re Drinking pages with our 2018 picks! Stay tuned…

Cheers to the new year!

— Leighann Eileithyia

But First, Coffee

Welcome! Bienvenido!

What is Café con Leite, you ask? Most obviously, Café con Leite means “Coffee with Milk”. Fortunately for you as a reader, it means much more than that.

Café con Leite is a blog about life, travel, and most importantly, coffee. Even more symbolically, we represent the warmth of coffee over a conversation with family and friends. Café con Leite represents the energy that coffee brings to a day of adventure. It represents the blend of cultures, traditions, and customs.

With each post, we will share stories about life, travel, and adventure. But first, we will always start with coffee. The stories will lead from there.

My personal favorite is Café Bustelo – con leche y azucar (milk and sugar). Featured in this post is exactly that. Coffee and a book. Today’s travel exists in the form of the book – reading represents an adventure you can take from the comfort of your own home, outside, or any location you choose for a literary escape.

We invite you to join us, over your cup of coffee or tea, to explore the best of coffee and travel and the stories that life brings us. We hope you will share your own adventures, and perhaps discover a new favorite coffee. Until then, may your life be warm and your coffee delicious!