Do you enjoy travel? Where have you ventured so far in 2018?

One of my favorite things to do (hence the “Life. Travel. Coffee.” that is Cafe con Leite), is travel. As we all know, travel to far-off places costs money. Sometimes, a lot of it. To keep my wallet happy, I have taken advantage of local travel, day trips, and weekend getaways as a way to settle my wanderlust.


The good news is that bucket lists are free and a great resource to start planning for travel on a budget. Traveling from Baltimore, I have given myself the challenge of traveling to five new countries and five new states before I turn 25 (in October 2019). With this aim and a little bit of travel pricing, I present to you my travel bucket list… on a budget.

I am excited to share this bucket list for your suggestions, tips, photos, feedback, general thoughts, etc.! This list is a work in progress and will be tailored as my time and budget demand. I will share pricing, struggles, itinerary, changes – all of the ups and downs of my bucket list journey.

So, here it is!


  1. Georgia
  2. California
  3. Texas
  4. Louisiana
  5. Puerto Rico (unincorporated U.S. Territory)


  1. Canada
  2. Cuba
  3. Portugal
  4. Iceland
  5. Greece

Where do you plan on traveling? Have you created your own travel “bucket list”? What are your favorite travel destinations?

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