Are you short on time? Have you thought about trying “skinny” coffee?

In What’s the Deal with “Skinny” Coffee?, I brought up the new trend of “skinny” coffee, also advertised as keto coffee, fit coffee, detox coffee, etc. As a coffee lover short on time, I thought it was only right to try it myself.

I mentioned in the post that I would be trying three different types of “skinny” coffee and reporting to you all my findings. What I have found after trying one type of “skinny” coffee is that while was a great experience, I am not going to give up my old-fashioned coffee so easily. (In other words, one was enough venturing for my taste).

Here’s the verdict.

I ventured into purchasing It Works! Keto Coffee, which came at a price of $39.00. I received my order about a week later and with excitement, opened my package.

The instructions for making the coffee were simple enough – mix the contents of the package with hot or cold water (until the instant coffee dissolves).

A pot of boiling water and a few swirls later, I had a cup of coffee. I was advised to try the coffee with a dash of vanilla and some sugar and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor.  It was actually good!

Living up to the advertisement, I was energized throughout the remainder of the evening and even found it a bit trickier to fall asleep at night. For me, I counted this as a huge win. I tend to work evenings and found that with one cup of the “skinny” coffee, I was powered through the night to get everything done.

So, if it was good, why have I not made “skinny” coffee my go-to? Really, I have only three small reasons why:

  1. As a powdered coffee mix, not all of the powder mixed thoroughly. This left a few powdery chunks in the coffee.
  2. Cost: Because of the advertised health benefits, popularity and the convenience of “skinny” coffee, it is a bit pricey. At $39 plus tax and shipping for 30 servings, it comes at a cost of about $2 per cup of coffee.
  3. And finally, in my opinion, there is nothing that takes the place of a freshly brewed cup of coffee!

I do however enjoy the convenience and energy boost of the “skinny” coffee and will continue to use it on the go when I am in a rush or as a pick-me-up.

Have you tried “skinny” coffee? Which are your favorites?  What is your opinion?

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