As my first “getaway” weekend trip in 2018, we made the drive to Raleigh, North Carolina for a change of scenery. With traffic from Baltimore, Maryland, the trip was about five hours each way. The long drive was well worth it!

Having booked accommodations the day of travel, we stayed in the town of Cary. The hotel was located about 10 minutes outside of the city and had plenty of parking when we finally arrived at 1:00 am on Saturday.

Hampton Inn Raleigh/Cary- approximately $120/ night with tax

  • NOTE: Included free breakfast and a fitness center!

By 9:00 am, we were out the door and, as true tourists, we decided to walk around downtown Raleigh and check out some of the sites in the area.

Our itinerary included:

  • North Carolina State Capital
  • Museum of Natural Science
  • Videri Chocolate Factory
  • Pizza La Stella
  • Pullen Park

Between the cold, rainy weather on Sunday, traveling with a child, and lack of time, we missed out quite a few things, which we will be saving for next time. If you are planning a Raleigh trip be sure to check them out for us:

  • Raleigh Beer Garden
  • State Farmers Market
  • North Carolina Museum of Art
  • North Carolina Museum of History
  • William B. Umstead State Park

P.S. I would strongly recommend Visit Raleigh for your planning your travel. The website lists tons of events,  places to stay, restaurants, museums, and other things to do for your visit. You can even create an itinerary list for your trip!

Have you visited Raleigh? What are your favorite spots? What is a must-see for next time?

Let us know! Comment or write to us at


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  1. I grew up here and recently moved back from the West Coast. It’s interested to see what yall chose to do/where to stay for your weekend getaway. 🙂

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  2. It’s been nice being back… I enjoy the fact that it’s less congested than the Bay Area. I actually spend most of my time further East in the Knightdale area which is even more laid back. It’s about 30 min outside of Raleigh. There’s not a TON of stuff to do, but there are some quaint little places, up-and-coming developments, and nice outdoor spaces.

    I would also suggest visiting Chapel Hill! I completed my undergrad degree there and it’s super charming. It would add about another hour to your drive though. Within Raleigh I would suggest Hillsborough St. or Cameron village if you like coffee.


    • Definitely! I absolutely love the slower pace of Raleigh and all of the nature that surrounds the city – it is a huge break from Baltimore. Not to mention the beauty of the outdoors (with actual trees and greenery). I can only imagine the difference between the Bay and Knightdale!

      I always hear a lot about Chapel Hill so I will be sure to make it an add-on to my next trip. I am a HUGE coffee lover so an hour is nothing for a good cup of coffee 🙂

      Thank you very much for the suggestions! If you are ever planning to visit the Baltimore/DMV area I will be sure to return the favor 🙂

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  3. I live in Raleigh and love visiting the museums with my daughter! We go all the time, Raleigh is a great city 😊

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  4. kind of rude to say “: traveling with a child” felt as it was not convenient for you.. smh


    • I am sorry you feel that way. It was not meant in any way to imply that I felt that traveling with a child is inconvenient. Contrary actually, we chose things that would be the most convenient and entertaining for a child given that we were traveling with a child. For instance, rather than going to one of the many museums, we chose the park. We had equally as much fun!



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