As someone active on social media, I have noticed a recent surge in the advertising of health and fitness products. One of my more recent discoveries has been of powdered “health” or “skinny” coffee.

I must admit, the powdered coffee craze has me skeptical. Particularly given that I am not a huge fan of instant coffee, to begin with. However, I am not opposed to trying something new, particularly if it 1) involves coffee and 2) helps me save time. The suggested health benefits are not too bad either.

After some Instagram and internet searching, I have decided to try:

Keep an eye out for a review in February!

Have you tried powdered coffee? If so, what are your thoughts and which are your favorite brands? If not, would you try it?


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  1. […] In What’s the Deal with “Skinny” Coffee?, I brought up the new trend of “skinny” coffee, also advertised as keto coffee, fit coffee, detox coffee, etc. As a coffee lover short on time, I thought it was only right to try it myself. […]

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