One of my favorite things to do is travel. Unfortunately, my wallet does not match my passion for seeing the world.  This does not mean that I am forced to avoid traveling all together. In my case, the trade-off for travel involves sacrifice. The sacrifices are made in my (very tight) budget.

1. Be realistic about what you can afford.

I, for example, know for a fact that I cannot afford an extravagant trip to Abu Dubai with First Class air travel. However, if I budget properly and am careful about my spending, next year I can afford a trip to South America for a week or so. I could also do several smaller trips within the United States in place of a said trip through South America.

2. Start planning early

We are now at the end of January 2018 which means that if I am to travel next year, I should definitely start putting some money aside. Each month you save brings you more savings for your trip. If I am to travel on a $1,500 budget, let’s say with a goal of traveling by March 2019 and booking by January 2019, I should put aside at least $125 each month in 2018.

3. Start small

A travel fund starts with your first investment. If $1 is all you can put aside, do it!  You are now $1 closer to your goal.

Even with a trip of $1,500, a $125-a-month goal is difficult for many people, including myself. Finding $125 means making a lot of smaller sacrifices. Here are some things I am trying to help me scrape together the extra dollars:

  • Avoiding eating out/going out (especially on weekends)
    • This saves approximately $20-30 each time
    • $20-$30 times 4 weekends brings me to potentially $80-$120 saved
  • No buying coffee!
    • Saves approximately $5 for each cup of coffee not purchased
    • As a coffee lover, this is difficult. Especially on the days when I am in a rush. Stay tuned for my workarounds in the January “Coffee” post.
  • Grocery budgeting: can save $20-$50 each trip depending on how well you budget
    • Use coupons!
    • Try apps such as iBotta and cartwheel to bring in more savings on your purchases.
  • Cut out unnecessary expenses
    • This seems like a given. Take a look at your spending/budget and cut off those subscriptions and expenses that are not of value. Again, each $1 saved could be $1 towards for your trip.
  • Try out savings apps such as Digit, Acorns, SmartyPig, etc. to help with savings. These apps take money straight from your account to help towards your savings goals.

4. Stay motivated and monitor your progress

Let’s be honest – for many of us, budgeting is not exactly “fun”. It often involves restricting or at the very least monitoring spending. However, the benefit is well worth it! Get excited about your trip and stay focused on the prize – new experiences and a travel destination.

  • Build a vision board
    • Seeing is believing – keep your eyes on the prize with pictures and reminders of your dream trip
  • Plan your trip
    • Create an itinerary of the places you will visit and things you will see on your trip
Hopefully, some of these tips will help give you the push to save those dollars for your next trip. As you save, don’t forget to congratulate yourself on your progress. Saving is not easy!

Do you have travel goals for 2018? Where would you like to visit?

What is your budgeting goal? Do you have any tips of your own?

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  1. Great post! I find not buying little things like coffee and my lunch out every day really, really helps!


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  3. Great Post to read.



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