Happy New Year!

I am very excited to bring you new content in 2018 and welcome all readers, new and returning to Cafe con Leite!

A new year means new goals and the blog is no exception. Keeping in mind the importance of conscious goal setting, I would like to share with you our 2018 goals for Cafe con Leite

1.Bring you a podcast!

I realize that the depth of the blog content is limited. Cafe con Leite posts are kept short, recognizing that many of you likely have busy schedules and little reading time. We are actively looking to bring audio content to you to expand the reach of the blog and get deeper into the root and meaning behind Cafe con Leite – life, travel, and coffee!

2. Increase interaction with readers

Without readers, Cafe con Leite is just another blog in the internet space. This blog is for YOU. Yes, you, the one reading this post. I would like to remind readers that our topics and inspiration come from you all, and invite you to share your suggestions, comments, critiques, and general thoughts.  Hopefully, 2018 will also bring the addition of guest authors to bring some diversity to the blog.

3. Reach 100+ subscribers

At this time, unless you are on WordPress, there is not an easy way to “subscribe” to Cafe con Leite posts. This will be fixed in the new year!

4. Publish 50 new blog posts

Per the promise published in the Life Happens post, Cafe con Leite has a goal of at least four posts per month, which is 48 posts per year. This goal continues, now with an aim of 50 posts in 2018.

5. Monetize the blog

Writing the content for Cafe con Leite was one of my most enjoyable hobbies in 2017 and I look very forward to continuing this into 2018. However, as mentioned in Side Hustle: What is it and How Can I Have One? hobbies that generate income as a side hustle are even better. With me being a young adult with two jobs, this is even more so the case. Why not get paid to do something you love? This is not to say that content or quality will be sacrificed. Please rest assured that no selling-out will be done in the process of monetizing this blog (please feel free to call me out on this).

What are your goals in 2018?

If you are a blogger, writer, business owner, or engage in another craft, what is your goal for your hobby/business?

What would you like to see from Cafe con Leite in 2018? What would you like us to leave in 2017?

I will be sharing my own personal goals in the comments. Looking forward to reading yours as well!


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  1. […] to say, I very far off track for my 2018 blogging goals but what is life without brief […]



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