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To start this post, I would like to wish happy holidays to everyone celebrating during this time.

For many of us, holidays come with great food and loved ones but are also accompanied by the expense of buying holiday gifts and the costs of travel.

Living in Baltimore, I am fortunate to be within driving distance to other major cities like Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Richmond, and even New York City.  However, during this holiday season, I will personally be driving to visit family and keeping my other travel limited. This does not however preclude me from being a local tourist.

Some of my favorite things in life are free. Fortunately, travel can also be free or at least close to free. For this month’s “travel” post, I would like to share some tips on being a local tourist and some of my favorite places to visit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I recognize that many of you probably know about these tips already or have thought about them.  This post is meant to inspire and maybe even excite you about checking out your local gems and taking advantage of the staycation.

1. Check out your local museums


2. Don’t forget the festivals and free events!

3. State Parks


4. Explore surrounding towns and neighborhoods


5. Learn more about the history of your own neighborhood or hometown


P.S. Don’t forget to add the stops at your favorite coffee shops!


What are some of your favorite staycation destinations? Leave a comment or send us a message at cafeconleiteblog@gmail.com. We love hearing from you!





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