This short post highlights an equally brief “Girls’ Trip” to Key West not too long before the hurricanes devastated the Florida Keys, Caribbean islands, and other surrounding areas. Just two days after our travel to Key West, the Florida Keys were evacuated. We hope that this will inspire you to take the journey to the areas impacted by recent storms to not only vacation but give back to the communities and individuals affected.

Many have heard of Key West, an island town in the Florida Keys known for day drinking, reality television, and really good fishing. What may be lesser known about Key West is that chickens roam the street freely, brunch is amazing, and there are quite a few northerners (like myself) that have placed aside their careers and made themselves at home in Key West.

We traveled to Key West for Labor Day weekend, making the drive from Pembroke Pines, Florida all the way to the southernmost Keys. Given that there is only one main road into and out of the Keys, the journey included lots of traffic along the long road to our destination.


*A pause for some fair warnings about Key West*

Key West may not be your destination of choice if any of the following apply:

  1. You are looking for a beach getaway. The beaches are rocky and the water is cold – not ideal for swimming or napping on soft sands.
  2. You do not enjoy drinking or are looking for activities that do not involve drinking and/or water sports.
  3. You are looking for a Starbucks that stays open late. To our dismay, the Starbucks near our hotel closed at 8:00 pm – coffee-lovers peril. We almost made it before closing!

All in all, Key West is full of hidden gems scattered throughout the island. At night, as would be expected, the streets are crowded, the music is loud, and the nights are long. We enjoyed early mornings for brunch and strolls among the once crowded streets and spent our days making sense of the small town. Given the timing of the trip, we, unfortunately, did not take advantage of water sports and fishing, which I would advise any Key West traveler to indulge in while they are visiting. If you are looking for an easy-going and unique experience, take a look at Key West.



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