The devastation of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the recent earthquake in Mexico provide a fresh reminder of the need for unity and awareness in today’s world.

With a rising death toll and no assistance from U.S. leadership, Puerto Rico, a territory of the U.S. has been left without the help of its country.

Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of individuals and organizations ranging from main-stream celebrities to individual donations, we have hope that strength and sympathy will overcome the bigotry and unacceptable passiveness of (President) Trump. The international community has responded, with organizations such as Oxfam condeming the lack of action on the part of the U.S. and taking initiative in working with Puerto Rican authorities responding to the crisis in Puerto Rico.

Citizens throughout the U.S. mainland and abroad are taking action to assist Puerto Rico and Mexico. The Miami Herald recently highlighted the efforts of Miami locals in “How citizens are helping get things to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico ‘the Miami way’“. Needless to say, no one is exempt from offering their help to those in need and opportunities to assist are plenty.

Although this is late We are the World Blogfest (#WATWB) post, we as Café con Leite have not forgotten about the importance of bringing awareness and light amidst devastation. This month, we also highlight the #todostogether movement which urges togetherness during the recovery and fundraising efforts in Puerto Rico and Mexico. Throughout the U.S. and world, citizens are also taking a stand to help Puerto Rico.

Together we can overcome any crisis, even when leadership fails. The events in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other islands effected in the Caribbean from recent storms are among many crises in today’s world but demand attention and prioritization. Awareness brings about action and action can change the world.


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